Lake Efffect Sailing, Erie PA. Join us on our 32-foot cutter, Namaste, for a day sail, sunset cruise, family outing... a private charter tailored to your interests. Learn to steer the boat, help with the sails or just sit back and relax!
Family Sailing

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Hours & Rates

Lake Effect Sailing offers Erie's finest private charters at $50 per hour with a required minimum booking of two hours paid prior to departure - cash or checks only, no credit cards currently accepted.

Groups of up to 6 are welcome aboard. Children under 12 are allowed at the captain's discretion.

We work to accommodate your scheduling needs with our current openings. Charters are tailored to your experience and interest.

Sailing is always weather dependent; Capt. Ed watches the forecast and lets you know ahead of time if the wind will be cooperating.
Day Sail Lake Erie
About Our Charters
  1. Erie Bait Shop
    Where to meet...
    Captain Ed will meet you at the top of the stairs and escort you to the dock.
    Namaste is docked in Wolverine Marina on the west side of State Street at Erie's downtown Bayfront. When you are looking at the Bicentennial Tower on State Street, our parking lot is on the left. Look for the "Mini Golf" sign and park in this lot. Parking is free. When you pull in, the Presque Isle Angler, a bait shop, is in the brick octagon building on your right. There is a staircase next to this building that leads down to the marina docks. Captain Ed will be at the top of this staircase waiting for your arrival. He will escort you through a locked gate to Namaste. There are restrooms available prior to boarding the boat.
  2. Young Girl Sailing
    What to bring...
    Comfort is the key to any successful sailing experience.
    If it's a sunny day, be sure to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat or visor. Sneakers or boat shoes are suggested. Windbreakers or layered clothing work best under cooler conditions. We encourage you to bring cameras, just be sure to keep them close in hand. We are happy to take your picture. Food, drinks, and coolers are always welcome. Keep in mind the deck of a sailboat is a dynamic environment and, depending on the conditions, there is that rare occasion when balancing refreshments may prove challenging. Beer and wine are permitted, but not hard liquor. Namaste is a smoke-free sailing vessel.
  3. Sailboat Lake Erie
    What to expect...
    The most relaxing experience of your life!
    Before casting off, Captain Ed gives a few simple safety instructions. He has life jackets in many shapes and sizes. Sailors 12 years old and younger are required by law to wear one. There is a bathroom on board and you are welcome to use it. If you are prone to motion sickness, be sure to take a motion sickness medication a half hour to one hour prior to departure. Few folks get queasy, but if you are, there is no need to be embarrassed; it happens to seasoned sailors too! Capt. Ed will adjust the sails and change course. Namaste is sailed to your comfort level. You can steer the boat, help with the sails, or learn about the area - participation is welcome - or just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.